Vaishali Upadhyay

CEO, Young Care Forum, Gnarly Troop International

She holds a Bachelor degree of Commerce from BHU and pursuing Master with specialized in Finance. Earlier she was intern in managing Social Media and contents for International portal particularly for Youth Exchange Program and Intercultural Education Touring and Camping of Gnarly Troop International.

Now, She in the management of Young Care Forum, doing her best to offer people from different places of the world to be involved in responsible green tourism, Intercultural Education Projects, Youth Internship and Gnarly experience to see, observe and research on different types of Camping, workshops along with wild life moments to know this beautiful world with Troop spirit.

Dream Project: International Gnarly Camping in United Kingdom and owning self designed Interior restaurant with unique cultural atmosphere. Favorite Experience:- Gnarly Troop Internship for Social Media Management and Young Care Program.

She believes:- “God commands the universal wave of the nature to respond our strong determination, actions and thoughts for themotion ahead… so walk with true of soul.”