Chief Advisor Statement

What Prof Gp Capt OP Sharma Chief Advisor Gnarly and DG Maharishi University of Information Technology mentioned on 20 Dec 17 at Malayiya Bhawan New Delhi on GNARLY MALAVIYA ATAL YOJANA for EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL ENRICHMENT.

UNITY IN DIVERSITY is the hallmark of Indian culture and truly the education got to enrich this hallmark all the time for sustaining its integrity. Let us first take on the thematic words as pinned on the banner :


Let us attempt to provide suitable explanation to all the 9 words as set forth by AMARJEET (Founder of Gnarly Troop) the SUTRADHAR of this summit today in the august presence of Hon’ble as Chief Guest and Hon’ble as Guest of Honor and of course we all in the hall.

Gnarly meaning thereby something exceptional. When expanded taking each letter suggests G Global /N Network/A Alert/ R Responsive /L Leadership /Y Youth

To put it collately Gnarly is the Global Network for Alert and Responsive Leadership amongst Youth

Malaviya explicit as it is referes to BHARAT RATNA MAHAMANA MADAN MOHAN MALVIYA the great educationist with vision of modernity with traditional cultural enrichment.

Atal explicit as it is refers to BHARAT RATNA ATAL BIHARI BAJPEYI the great Prime Minister of India with CENTER of the Right and Left orientation for India on its march into modernity with its cultural orientation.

Yojana explicit to mean project

For connecting preposition

Educational refers to education for enlightenment with focus of holistic development of body;mind soul in their specific attributes to include physical endurance; emotional maturity; intellectual enlightenment; aesthetic bloom; moral soundness; spiritual inclination for SELF EMPOWERMENT and connecting conjunction.

Cultural suggestive of sanskar refinements of our traditional heritage with innate impressions in our psychi as nuts and bolts of our Indian profile with focus on adventures both in the realm of nature and spirit .Culture suggests the way we live /dress/eat/exercise/drink/perform .Literature and performing and visual arts are part CULTURE.

Enrichment referes to preserve and enhance for individual /personal/social/organizational development for effective roleplay inits multi dimension to contribute to national pride.

Mahamana Madam Mohan and Atal Bihari in the thematic expression lead me to take U all to our BHAGVAT culture so well enshrined in Celestial counseling by Counsellor Krshn to counselee Arjun .Our inspirational source in the ethereal leadership of MAHAMANA MADAN MOHAN AND ATAL BIHARI connect US with the Action Leadership of Lord Krshn with all its atriutes of GYAN/BHAKTI/KARM STIPULATIONS for SELF EMPOWERMENT of each one of us more so of the youth of today .Needless to say that Madam Mohan and Bihari are the two of the many names of KRSHN. We got to work to actualize our potentiality which is essential spiritual in the manifest of body through our mind.

Our focus for Self Empowerment for service to self/then family/then society/organization/country and the entire humanity in the spirit of our leading lights will take us to master and practice the eight agenda points These are :

  • self esteem we refer it as collar up
  • attitude we refere it as lens
  • holistic health
  • self against self we refer it as competitive edge
  • human relationship we refere it as thumbs up
  • communication we refer it as top skill
  • asswertiveness we refer to it as saying no
  • time management we refer to it as doing it now
  • Emptiness of Pride the book so thoughtfully authored by our Amarjeet is the reminder to all of us to awake ;Arise and stop not in our GNARLY Drive to revive the lost glory to hold our head high and this would be possible thougheducation which is a matter of 4 H –Head /Heart /Hand and Hamnane. WE DO THIS THROUGH WORKSHOPS AND ACTUALS .Amarjeet will briefly describe s to whar akl we do .

    The focus in all our activities is to synthesize /unify think/feel/do processes with policy precept of reflect/judge /act. These all are the matters of value Education.We have authored 18 books with the theme of VALUE MANAGEMENT .The total focus got to be on teacher and parent education including adult education.Govt is doing all I should .The gap s are in the process .The PPP model is not yielding results that it should .We in GNARLY through our MALVIYA ATAL YOJNA offer our support for the initiatives of the state through Youth Empowerment .

    Our action strategy with policy precept and policy process is described though one of my poems titled ODE TO VALUE EDUCATION

    Here it is as summation of my contribution in this youth summit.U all welcome to seek answer to your questions later in the open session time permitting or there after as per your convenience. Join us for our drive of resurgence so as t compel Amarjeet to write an other book ‘Full of Pride My India.

    Ode to Value Education

  • Truthfulness
  • Fearlessness
  • Voluntary deprivation
  • Righteousness
  • All lead to SG thru VME Self Governance through Value Education
  • When on march
  • Wisdom oriented contemplation
  • Devotional commitment
  • Dutiful conduct
  • Facilitate the march of a lone traveler
  • Goes along Physical endurance
  • Emotional Maturity
  • Intellectual Enlightenment
  • Aesthetic bloom
  • Moral soundless and Spiritual Inclination
  • Keep watch on A-B-C Attitude Behaviour Character
  • With fine turning for calls from self; Family Society; country World and God, the Creator
  • The upward spiral moves on
  • To learn
  • To commit
  • To do
  • The mantra is Excellence; Doing better than the best
  • Now and always
  • Keep working
  • Result follow
  • Lead by example as TOM-S Total Quality Management of Self And then meet success Face to Face
  • Eternal
  • Blissful
  • Ecstatic
  • Self Governance thru Value Education
  • Now the three processes

    Gyanmay Chintan - Intellectual Contemptation : The stepping stone for initiating into the spiritual fellowship is knowledge oriented contemplation. The process is focused to acquire wisdom. Two logical assumptions are : we are in the image of God. The realization of Godliness in self is an ennobling and enabling concept to reinforce the individual will for doing anything and everything effectively - to be the winner. This instills the attitude 'I can....' The second assumption is that we look for similar godliness in other individuals irrespective of any distinction. This means that the individual self is so expanded as to include the selves of others. The unifying godliness in all fosters universal brotherhood and ultimate spiritual fellowship. The wisdom capsule will include the strategy to manage six basic obstacles in the march on road to spirituality. These steep breakers are Lust; Anger; Attachment; Greed, Ego; Jealousy. These worldly mores have both positive and negative overtones. We need to reinforce the positive and ward off the negative. To learn, to commit, to do is the corner stone for the process of knowledge oriented contemplation. Listening; reflection and experiencing are the integral of the process of contemplation. All this will lead to live as a TQM-S. Total Quality Management of Self .The consciousness gradually tries to free itself and tries to know itself by itself; thus changed itself into self consciousness. The spiritual self, identified with various degrees and sorts of bodily and mental states, tries gradually and naturally to return itself through itself. The spiritual self adopts to rise above the trammels of the body and mind. The spiritual self returns to its lost condition through natural development of thought process. More deeply the man engages in thought process, more he may be said to be utilizing this method. In thought we rise above the body. This is attainment of true wisdom through recollectedness and discrimination such as constantly reminding oneself 'I am not the body .... I am the spirit....' This is Gyan Yoga

    Bhaktimay Bhav : Devotional Commitment ; Devotional Commitment refers to emotional affiliations with reference to the set objectives / people/ situations. Two integral components are love and service. First we need to love ourself; we need to serve ourselves and then through expansion of ourselves to include other selves, we need to love them and serve them. Individual, family, neighbour, society, country, the world and the god are natural claiment of our love and service. Dedication is the behavioural objective of devotional commitment. The true manifestation of devotional commitment is in 'Service to man is service to God'. Love reinforces trust. It enriches the sense of belongingness. It sustains the morale of the individual as well as the group - others. Non conditionality is the corner stone of love. It is giving and not taking. Caring and sharing is the behavioural manifestation of love. Lust transcends in love. Caring for all creation is the highest form of devotional commitment. Love leads to sacrifice. Sacrifice result in service. We proceed to selfless centredness from self centredness. This aids in purifying the throught process. Service leads to action and love ensures endearing strategies in translating devotional commitment in thoughts-deeds- words. Surrendering one's ego - the sense of 'I' and mindness is the stepping stone for devotional commitment. This is enhanced through dignified living with a focus on giving and giving excellently. This elevates spiritual fellowship. The methodology consists in the attempt to fix our attention on one object of thought, rather than on different series of thoughts. Under devotional method we included all forms of worship. The spiritual self should fix its attention deeply and revently on the object of frame of reference of whatever the thought of a personal God or of an impersonal omnipresence. Gradually the spiritual self gets time and oportunity to think of itself in itself when we pray evernestly, we forget all bodily sensations and drive away all introding thoughts that try to engage our attention. This is Bhakti-yog.

    Karmay Vyavhar : Dutiful Conduct ; In consideration of diversified roles and individual commitment, the actual performance as a duty is designed as Dutiful conduct. Togetherness and tolerance as reflected in behavioural manifestation of adjustability is the essence of Dutiful conduct. Two other manifestation of such conduct are doing better than one's best and work for work sake non indulgently. There is a need to be duty conscious and having done that one need to work persistently, effectively, without any anxiety for te result. The result are not the concern. 'Keep working. Result will follow' is the success mantra. Quality shall never suffer. The formula for excellence in performance is quantity, quality, cost effectiveness and time. Optimisation of output is the result oriented performance. "I will work" whether someone sees me or not' and I will work, whether some asks me or not', are two guiding principles for dutiful conduct. The work proficiency is called yoga - the union of self - individual with the work - the calls from God, nature, man, situation.

    The SECRET lies in converting ‘I’ into ‘WE’ All this is a matter of self transformation though righteous thoughts; righteous feelings; righteous conduct. Recalling Kabir’s saying I must mention one can do it if one wills to do it. View the picture as pasted below and reflect to find the key for transformation.

    All yours now.

    Good luck and God speed !