There is nothing kept in a race where we build something for our possession but there will be existence of humanity when we fight for others in odd and I found Gnarly Troop for the understanding of less privileged who expect our race is for them : Founder of Gnarly Troop on Gnarly Anniversary Day”

There are three steps to stand by Gnarly Troop for the image of India and work to breathe with pride.

1. There will be practical situation to be given to the participants to do individually as well as in group to work and we may consider them to assign the task ahead with Troops, where character and thoughts will be focused and cared.

2. Each student for being volunteer to work on international dialogues need to be registered by 300/- rupees through online submission of form on in career section then they will be provided badge and book/diary of Gnarly Troop, then without any fee they will be eligible for exams/ challenge for gnarly cause and to attend our workshops. (Offline facility will also be there regarding registration). The top 9 % of the participants will be offered to do intern with us followed by award ceremony.

3. Playing in odd ability in different fields like arts and behavioral science in team work will be scheduled for participants with Schools/ colleges / universities / corporate houses’ campuses as per convenience and consent of authority concerned.