In the beginning :- We are here to welcome you with Gnarly Troop T-shirt, Badge, Appreciation Letter & GT Map Memento book _Emptiness of Pride`. And then you start Gnarly Troop internship, campaigning & Inter cultural projects with Troop from worldwide.

During your action: The Gnarly Troop award ceremony is a celebration of commitment and a commission to a higher duty and responsibility of Gnarly Troop Envoys, Youth _for GNARLY TROOP &/ Interns which recognizes past accomplishments, potential to do more, and a partnership for global development and peace. We announce here the Mr. and Miss Gnarly Troop, TROOP of the Influence, Gnarly lady, Gnarly Troop Voice of the Year, which is a beauty for development program and creating a sense of pride that encourages young people to utilize their skills and ability for community before world media on gnarly map. Founder and /President of Gnarly Troop may elect you as Gnarly Troop Envoy International to act as Gnarly Charter (Higher rank official woman or person).

And at the end: Certification with memories to begin the journey of life as responsible citizen with Global Network of youth & Leadership.